As the Catholic Chaplaincy community of the universities of Brighton & Sussex, we pledge ourselves to:

Community and Welcome

  1. Accept each person in their uniqueness as a child of God
  2. Ensure that all our members are able to participate fully in the life of the Chaplaincy
  3. Provide a safe space for people to express themselves without judgement or
  4. Further the work we do with the wider inter-faith community
  5. Take an active part in the life of the chaplaincy


  1. Enrich our prayer life both as individuals and as a community
  2. Listen attentively to what Scripture and the Church’s tradition teaches about God’s love
  3. Remember the disadvantaged in our local community and around the world,  and always pray for a just sharing of the world’s goods
  4. Give thanks for the many blessings we share deepen our faith
  5. Use expertise and resources available to us to deepen our understanding and
    practice of our faith
  6. To support each other to pray and to explore & question our beliefs
  7. Seek and be open to new ways of praying


  1. Provide opportunities to serve
  2. Do our part to better our world and the lives of those in need
  3. Advertise and support events and other groups which seek to advance an equal sharing of the world’s resources
  4. Be ambassadors for our faith