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Sr Blanaid & Fr Paul welcome you to the Catholic Chaplaincy in this new academic year.

We wish you every happiness, success and blessing in the year ahead


Welcome to the website for the Catholic Chaplaincy to the Universities of Brighton and Sussex (including the Brighton & Sussex Medical Schools)

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A Welcome and Listening Ear

Father Paul and Sister Blanaid are happy to meet students and staff at any time to talk in confidence.

Who are we?

The Catholic Chaplaincy is everyone who gets involved. All are welcome, wherever they are on their faith journey and we work closely with chaplains from the other faith communities on campus, but the Catholic community is led by Fr. Paul Wilkinson (full-time at Sussex Univ.) and Sr. Blanaid McCauley (full-time at Brighton Univ.)

Where are we?

Chaplaincy activities generally take place on campus, with Sr. Blanaid based at Steam House (BU Lewes Road campus) and Fr. Paul has an office in The Meeting House (SU campus) but we also have our own centre at Howard House, by Falmer station - where Fr. Paul lives. (Please see the contact information section for details of how to get to / contact the chaplains)

What is Howard House?

  • A home for Fr. Paul and a base for the Catholic chaplains
  • An international residential Christian community of seven students
  • A venue for meetings and prayer open to members of the two universities
  • A site of a theological lending library

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